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So You Want to Start Generating Income Online!

Awesome decision! Nowadays, creating income from online marketing has become a lot easier. How? With the advent of website builders software, the task of CODING your website into existence is now history! It is now, CUT or COPY and PASTE, DRAG AND DROP and you start building your website! Coding is for coders! You build your site without having to know coding!


Have NO FEAR! Training you is Wealthy Affiliate’s main purpose for this platform!

The training is self-paced, no-pressure, clear, not graded for pass or fail. Remember high school or college where you dreaded the professor’s wrath of bad grades? NO MAS in Wealthy Affiliate!

Kyle And Carson Will Also Communicate With You!

Kyle and Carson are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate! They are also very ACTIVE and AVAILABLE to answer your questions!

This is unheard of! And yet they are there to hear you out and help you with your questions as well!

WordPress The Best Website Builder Comes FREE!

WORDPRESS, the website builder, the world’s best, is INCLUDED with your enrollment package! So you get full access to the site builder, test run the Dashboard and see WordPress in action and it is all free!

And you get to build a play website which is fun fun fun!  Try it!


Now, as cited above  you will get a FREE practice run to check out the WordPress Builder platform and play around inside the Dashboard to satisfy your curiosity 100%!

You will be able to practice building a website with your FREE account!

Please Click here!


There is a 24/7 Site Support who will respond to all of your questions about building and streamlining your websites! Talk about a truly round-the- clock Support!

So, you are building up on your website and the training somehow takes you face to face with some massive and scary  hurdles! No problem, no panic!

Ask your question and shoot them to Site Support and in less than 30 minutes you have your answer!


You think your fellow students will not know much but you would be wrong! As a good percentage of members are professionals of many different skills and talents, they are indeed making it easy to tackle an issue.

Post your inquiry, problem or challenge and you will be shocked to see the number of great responses by members within the forum!


Yes you will be consistently NOTIFIED of all relevant information!

The feedback LOOP is so incredible, it is close to impossible to miss anything!

As the Wealthy Affiliate platform is education-focused, the question and answer part of the communication between school and members is tops!

Start Working On Your Writing Ability And Become A Published Author!

If you are already an accomplished writer, good for you! Build your website, become an affiliate by joining Amazon etc. and fire away, start generating income!

If you are dreading the idea of having to write great articles, FEAR NOT, this is where the school, its staff and the members are all there to answer questions, give support, offer help and suggestions. The whole bit!

Online Income Generation Is A  Proven Global Phenomenon!

The beauty of this industry is that we have great examples to look at like the leadership and success of Amazon. However, as Amazon allows us to become their product sellers, Amazon does not teach us that much on how to become their affiliate marketers!

Enter Wealthy Affiliate! This school is by far the best platform for learning the step-by-step processes involved in setting up your websites and maximizing your potential to get ranked in Google, get seen by customers and generate the best income online!

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