No Products Or Services That You OWN!

It is Other People’s Products , Services (OPPS) !!!

How about that for starting one’s business!? You spend zero dollars for any products or services! You simply send a request to Amazon, Share-A-Sale, Clickbank, Etsy, Forever New Clothing, etc, get approved, start using their products that you simply ‘snag’ from online, embed them into your website(s) and presto!

You are done! Now, once your website is up and running you now have to start and CONTINUE populating it with all kinds of hot selling products. Then to gain traction on the internet, start tweaking it to maximize viewership through a trick called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And that should be it!

Occasionally you will revisit your site to continue enhancing your presence on the internet! And folks, that is all there is to it! What a sweet way to make buckos online!

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